Job Description

  1. Gain an understanding of the business processes relevant to the solution goals.
  2. Communicate with stakeholders to understand product requirements.
  3. Document processes to help refine the problem the solution is trying to solve.
  4. Construct Digital & Analytics solution.
  5. Present fact, data, business processes, solution and insight to the business user.
  6. Design and develop business analysis documents, such as requirement documents, functional specifications and flow diagrams.
  7. Design and translate the business model of the product into a backlog.
  8. Follow up on product issues reported by the operational team.
  9. Evaluate operational efficiency and provide recommendations for improvement.
  10. Collaborate with the technical team to ensure proposed solutions align with business requirements.

Job Requirements

  1. Graduate from Bachelor, Diploma 3, Diploma 4 degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or other related majors.
  2. Have experience as Business Analyst / architect in digital transformation project for minimum 1 year.
  3. Have deep knowledge in the field of Project Development Life Cycle (Agile or Iterative).
  4. Have strong and detailed business flow analysis capabilities.
  5. Have basic knowledge of UI/UX displays.
  6. Understand creating flowcharts and can design or plan information system.
  7. Good in database, flowchart and have a basic programming.
  8. Able to create technical document such as Product Requirement Documents (PRD).
  9. Ability and endurance to document processes and product specifications.
  10. Have experience in analyzing and designing business processes using data flow diagrams and UML.

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