Job Description

  1. Participate in the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging.
  2. Write clean code to develop functional web applications.
  3. Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  4. Perform UI tests to optimize performance.
  5. Manage cutting-edge technologies to improve legacy applications.
  6. Collaborate with Front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server side logic.
  7. Gather and address technical and design requirements.
  8. Provide training and support to internal teams.
  9. Build reusable code and libraries for future use.
  10. Liaise with developers, designers and system administrators to identify new features.

General Requirements

  1. Graduate from Bachelor, Diploma 3, or Diploma 4 degree from IT or other related majors.
  2. Experienced in Go Language, especially working in frameworks such as Go Fiber.
  3. Familiar with Go templating, common frameworks, and tools.
  4. Familiar with version control systems such as Git or Gitlab, Branching Mechanism, Pull Request.
  5. Experienced developing high performing APIs.
  6. Experience with creating API based Web Apps with proper authentications for Mobile Apps.
  7. Experience with SQL & NoSQL database like mongoDB.
  8. Experience of using some RDBMS especially MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  9. Understanding with pub/sub technology like Kafka is a plus.
  10. Understand the Software Development Life Cycle concept.

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